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Unit 1,Park Road                   20 Birchin Lane

Holmewood                           London

Chesterfield                           EC3V 3DU

S42 5UW

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Trusted Partners

Modular Wiring Systems Ltd is the UK's Leading Modular Wiring Manufacturer

Modular Wiring Systems is an international organisation specifically formed to focus solely on the promotion of the Modular Wiring concept in commercial and other installations. Our vast experience of over 25 years is well-known for its reliability, flexibility and excellent customer service.

Uniquely, we own two armouring machines which allows us to wrap our single cables in different armour for example Aluminium or Steel. This means we do not need to pull cables through conduits, the cables are armoured within the manufacturing process which has many benefits. We are not bound by length as we can armour up to 1km of cable in one go.

Modular Wiring is a rapid and easily installed, modular sub-circuit distribution system prefabricated off-site. A complete installation is achieved, from the distribution board to the furthest point of a circuit, by simply connecting the system components together. Total modular wiring design support can be provided, including Auto-Cad layout designs, voltage drop calculations, record drawings.