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About Us

Modular Wiring Systems are based in 2 locations: we have our manufacturing facility in Chesterfield which is over 20,000ft, this is also where all project management, CAD and estimating is done. We also have a satellite office in Bank, City of London where our sales team is based, this allows our sales team to be flexible and available for meetings at the drop of a hat. Clients are also more than welcome to pop in and see them!


Uniquely, we own two armouring machines which allows us to wrap our single cables in different armour for example Aluminium or Steel. This means we do not need to pull cables through conduits, the cables are armoured within the manufacturing process which has many benefits. We are not bound by length as we can armour up to 1km of cable in one go.


Modular Wiring Systems Ltd is the UK's Leading Modular Wiring Manufacturer

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